About Us

Tanatofobia: fear, death, denominations that are for the weak-minded human a synonym of mercy, Tanatofobia under the concept of the label is a form of "Sarcasm" so to speak, always yielding kvlto to death, precursor of chaos for the new order. TP was born in 2005 in the city of Guayaquil (EC) as an alternative for those looking for something more dense, dark, dirty, rotten, macabre, underground, as you want to call it, the fact of being very scarce in our city means of diffusion oriented to the black metal, we opted for the abomination of creating this stamp, with the sole purpose of spreading the black plague around the world, focusing as main base the scene of underground metal South American.

The purpose of all this is to focus on the lesser-known area of ??the extreme underground scene that takes place in our country and around the world, that is to say, locating us in its extreme point, with a disinterested support to the national and international bands within the half underground, currently TP is located in the city of Medellin (COL), the main base for the distribution and press of new aberrations and based in the city of Guayaquil (EC) trying to spread in a serious way new addicts to the black metal under our label and Allied labels of which we majem their distribution.

Tanatofobia produces bands of Black, Death, Thrash & Traditional Heavy Metal !! in the vein of the old death metal! Bands Interested in leaving under the command of Tanatofobia can write to our mail: nigrum.metallum@gmail.com (bands that are not rooted to the bases of the label, please do not write)

TANATOFOBIA PRODS. Support the Real Underground !! Since 2005 - Guayaquil - Ecuador // Medellin - Colombia


Contact to Label for Information, Trades : nigrum.metallum@gmail.com // www.tanatofobia.com