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Tanatofobia was born in 2005 as an alternative for those who look for something but dense, dark, dirty, underground or as they want to call it. Based on the fact that there is a lack of diffusion means of this genre in our city we set up Tanatofobia with the view to bring forward our movement, the extreme movement for that we opt to organize events.
The purpose of all this is to focus on the less well-known area of the extreme underground scene that develops in our country and around the world, that is to say locating us in its extreme point, with an unselfish support of national and international bands that are part of the underground scene.

We bring cds on request from anywhere in the world, focused on the area Underground World Scene. All our CDS are NEW, if you are interested in buying multiple copies of the same group, please write to our mail ( to send the list of each item in stock. For Distros, Shops, Labels, special prices.
For purchases over 100 free magazines or CDs depending on the stock.

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