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Date Added: 01/20/2018
BLACK VOMIT 666 "Los Cantos de Maldoror" (Top Category) $12.00
CONCEIBED BY HATE "Death & Beyond" (Top Category) $10.00
CULTO INFERNAL "The True Colombian Black Metal Beginnings" (Top Category) $12.00
MORTADO "Human Mistaken Experiments" (Top Category) $12.00
NEUROSIS "The Horror of Chernobyl" (Top Category) $10.00
RILER "Engendros del Mal" (Top Category) $12.00
SIERPES "Visiones Caoticas" (Top Category) $12.00
SKULL "Metal to the Bone" (Top Category) $12.00
VOMIT OF DOOM "Magnus Cruelty" (Top Category) $10.00
Sub-Total: $102.00 
Total: $102.00